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Experience the Pinnacle of Surveillance with the AiPhone Video Intercom

Know exactly who is on the other side of the door before allowing access with a simple security system addition that will offer a number of benefits. A step up from the purely audio intercom, a video alternative offers an added level of security as you can easily monitor and decide who gains access to the building. Here at iCam Security, we are a suppliers and installers of intercoms from leading brands.

The AiPhone difference

AiPhone intercom products allow for a hands-free experience with those on the other side of the door. With crystal clear imagery and easy features, this video security solution is perfect for those wanting a more advanced surveillance option. By offering users the chance to see who is looking to enter their premises, this easy to use security solution is ideal for applications across residential and commercial contexts.

With this product, picture quality is superb, offering reliability and clear imagery in all conditions. The AiPhone door stations have a camera widths of 170 degrees which is fairly unrivalled throughout the Intercom industry!

Convenient and versatile

This range makes it easier to answer your door or entrance without having to compromise on safety. The unit records who is visiting and allows you to interact with them before allowing them to enter. Best of all, the AiPhone video intercom collection is perfect for the occurrence of unsolicited visitors and can even display their presence on your TV screen.

No longer do kids need to open doors to see who is visiting, or surprise visitors in the hallways at the office. This solution helps you keep on top of it all and ensure ultimate safety for everyone within your premises.

100% reliable

These systems are designed to last, with a two-year warranty backing each product. Established in 1948, this company has become the go-to for home surveillance, winning multiple international awards for their ability to deliver quality surveillance solutions across the world.

If you’d like to find out more about which solution would suit you best, please get in touch by dropping us a line or giving us a buzz. We’re always more than happy to lend a hand or reliable advice towards making an informed decision.

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