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Feel Safe with Paradox Security Systems

Our passion is to provide you with a sense of security at a competitive price. With advances in technology, motion detectors have become one of the most reliable security systems for businesses, banks and homes. iCam Security can assist in the supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of comprehensive alarm and Paradox security systems across the country.

The 100% digital motion sensor technology is designed to process the entire signal without any noise or saturation. This allows for increased accuracy, reliability and immunity to false alarms. High-quality motion detectors are an effective form of alarm system and are well worth the cost. These products lead the market with the most advanced and reliable systems. We not only supply these world-class motion detectors, but also install, service and monitor as well.

Paradox EVO Advance Security Systems

The advanced Paradox EVO systems offer the highest level of protection for banks, military, government sites and luxury residential homes. Where maximum security is essential, these products and solutions are manufactured to be easy to use. Created as a modular concept, installation is quick and convenient. The modular design makes it easier to expand and service these units, ultimately saving costs on labour as well as protecting your property.

Access Control Compatibility

The EVO range easily integrates access control solutions that can assist in the monitoring and management of up to 32 different doors. Restrict who enters your property and which areas through an authorised access solution. Use a range of electromagnetic locking doors paired with swipe card or fingerprint scan entry locks to create a secure building, with controlled access. Authorised personnel can move freely throughout the building, ensuring workflow is not interrupted, whilst maintaining a safe environment. The EVO option offers maximum security and can easily be implemented into many banks or large scale government buildings.

iCam Solutions

As a leading supplier of alarm products, we have a wealth of knowledge that encompasses the entire industry. The experts at iCam offer installation, maintenance, system upgrades and 24/7 monitoring. Every aspect of your security can be catered for and maintained by the professional staff we offer. Our 24 hour monitoring services are ideal for apartment blocks, workplaces or high-security areas like government and bank buildings. We provide our services across the country and ship our products Australia wide. Contact us on 1300 004 226 to find out more about any of our products or to discuss an installation or upgrade to your property.

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