Synology NAS Devices Offer the Best Solutions for Your Business

As one of the most popular providers of network attached storage (NAS) appliances, Synology uses Taiwanese innovation to produce devices that provide external storage solutions for enterprises all across the world, from large multinational organisations down to local small to medium sized enterprises and even households. Founded by employees of Microsoft, Synology’s flagship product, the DiskStation, has been helping customers the world over keep their important data and files safe. No longer do you need to worry about constantly backing up your computer and living in fear of losing important information with Synology’s dependable external storage solutions.

In order to ensure that our customers are receiving only the best, iCam proudly stocks a range of Synology technology.

Why Synology is the best provider of NAS products

Aside from being extremely handy, NAS devices are also becoming an essential feature for all businesses. They allow multiple users to wirelessly access files, a fast and convenient method of file sharing. Rather than multiple external hard drives, NAS appliances provide you with a centralised location to store all of your files so that you never have to worry about losing anything again.

No price is too high to pay for ensuring that your important data is safeguarded against computer failure — and thankfully, Synology’s commitment to making affordable appliances means that they provide cost-effective solutions to customers. Their NAS devices are designed with ease-of-use in mind, meaning that even less tech-savvy customers will have no issues with setting up external storage.

About iCam Security

iCam’s many years of experience developing the best security and surveillance systems for enterprises and households has helped us become one of the leading providers in Queensland. Our team of professionals are the experts in helping clients optimise their organisations to produce the best business outcomes, as well as making life easier and more convenient. The wide array of systems and services that we can provide ensure that, regardless of your needs and budget, iCam is able to solve all of your problems.

Alongside NAS appliances, you can also find CCTV, alarms and intercom solutions at iCam. Contact us for more information about our products and services or to make an enquiry.

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