Secure the Future of Your Business with Biometric Readers

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It may not be true in all regards, but if you look through the range of biometric readers currently available from iCam Security’s online store, then you’ll know we are definitely living in the future of security. No longer the stuff of speculation and science fiction, these advanced scanning and security devices are tested, reliable and cost-effective. Pick up a fingerprinting installation today and you will find yourself with far more than just a lock; modern biometric readers can easily control entire sections of your building and be configured with multiple tiers of access to micromanage your security like never before.

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Biometric Readers Update Your Building to Smart Security

Biometric reader technology is still new enough that simply using them is still fascinating to many, but their utility and security measures extend far beyond their medium. Being at the cutting edge of security scanning technology means that the models being sold by iCam come packed with the most potent on-board computers and the most sophisticated user-ID, encryption and communications systems. The more powerful fingerprint reading modules can handle multiple forms of security request through a single input and output, offer proprietary control and configuration software, and interface seamlessly with your payroll and employee management systems to automatically track attendance and performance times down to the second of entry.

Combine biometrics and other authentication factors for the most reliable security protocol

Some of the most powerful security solutions available combine fingerprint authentication or other biometric security measures with traditional devices such as card readers, creating a layered defence which is difficult to bypass. Check out these cutting edge “biocards” to see how your business can benefit from the ultimate in individual identity verification – with up to three identification factors combined in a card that sits in the palm of your hand.

Buy cutting edge biometric readers through our online store

These advanced security modules are available right now in the iCam Security web store at some very competitive prices. Buy now, or call our offices on 1300 004 226 to discuss which biometric and other security measures might be appropriate to protect your property.