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The SIFER card reader is a Smart Card reader designed and manufactured by Inner Range. It is a multi-drop RS-485 based reader that employs 128 bit AES encryption from the card through to the door module, providing a far superior level of security than that of traditional Wiegand based card readers. SIFER readers utilise the Mifare DESfire EV1 card format.
As SIFER readers utilise a superset of the OSDP protocol, the readers may also be deployed on any system capable of using OSDP. SIFER readers are connected to the RS-485 reader port for full Reader-In and Reader-Out operation of various Inner Range products as below.

• Integriti Access Controller (IAC) - Up to 16 Readers
• Integriti Intelligent LAN Access Module (ILAM) - Up to 16 Readers
• Integriti Standard LAN Access Module (SLAM) - Up to 4 Readers

SIFER readers are IP 67 rated and available with site-specific encryption keys.

Three card ordering options are available:
1. SIFER-P: Pre-programmed ‘stock’ cards with card number printed. The most cost-effective option but card customisation is not allowed. With more than four billion card numbers available each SIFER-P card is guaranteed to be unique.
2. SIFER-U: User Programmable cards that allow an installer to customise the card number, site code and use their own encryption key. Printed with factory card number.
3. SIFER-C: Custom batch orders configured by the factory according to the specified card number range, site code, encryption key and printing options. Cards cannot be re-programmed at a later stage by the installer or the factory.

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