Paradox GS250 Wireless Multi-axis Accelerometer

Paradox GS250 Wireless Multi-axis Accelerometer

Wireless Gpower Asset Protector

The Gpower GS250 is an indoor wireless movement detector that uses advanced three-axis accelerometertechnology (X,Y, and Z) to sense movement of anyobject it is attached to. When fitted to any protectedvalua


Paradox WS588P Smoke Detector

Paradox WS588P Smoke Detector

Magellan Wireless

The all-new WS588P Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector features a sleek, low-profile design - providing a stylish and unobtrusive smoke detector that virtually blends into any ceiling. Compact, Low-prof


Paradox SD360 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Paradox SD360 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detecto

Ceiling Mount

This Paradox SD360 photoelectric smoke detector has been designed to sense smoke that enters the photoelectric chamber providing early warning of developing fires and generating an alarm which activates the


Paradox G550 Glassbreak Detector

Paradox G550 Glassbreak Detector

Wireless Magellan Specialised Detector

The G550 Wireless Glassbreak Detector delivers effective coverage of plate, tempered, wired, and laminated glass without the need for complex sensitivity adjustments. The G550 combines an advanced acoustic s