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Regardless of what other security measures you might choose to take in order to protect your property, the addition of some form of security camera adds a whole other dimension. Capable of monitoring activity to keep a record of unwanted activity or triggering an active response, CCTV cameras, sensors and video intercoms are a powerful enough defence that their presence alone deters many would-be intruders. iCam Security work hard to ensure that the products we offer are sourced from the most reputable and effective ranges, and our Mobotix video surveillance systems are just that.

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Combine components for a modular surveillance system 

Mobotix products cover all aspects of video security. Whether you need a full suite of dome cameras, sensor sets for your door or foyer, or just lenses and mounts for these products, iCam Security will have a Mobotix product to do the job. From the top-of-the-line M15-Thermal dual camera rig down to the BFM block sensor modules, these products can be combined to produce exceptional video security coverage over any property.

Mobotix products are cleverly designed to be combined in whichever way best serves the security needs of you, the consumer. Not satisfied with offering up an impressive selection of sensors, cameras and video intercom parts, the creators have also standardised many aspects of their designs across the entire range, allowing most camera and sensor products to have their components interchanged with other products for a whole new purpose. Select a new lens or dome to fit the camera’s conditions, or choose a mount which more discreetly blends in with the surrounding environment. Replace the sensors in a larger model to modify its purpose to your needs. The theme is fulfilling your exact security needs with a minimum of fuss, a goal both iCam Security and Mobotix share.

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