Secure Your Property with FSH Mag Locks

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If there’s one aspect of your home and property that it really pays to invest in, it’s your security. At iCam Security, we scour the home security product market to ensure that we offer clients only the leading brands in any particular field. And when it comes to one of the oldest and most fundamental forms of home security – door locks – the clear winner is the electromagnetic door locks supplied by FSH.

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The most modern and secure of locking mechanisms, these electromagnetic locks feature no moving or mechanical parts, are impossible to target or vandalise without the total destruction of the door or doorframe, and offer unprecedented remote control over all functions of the lock and door. A current is run through an electromagnet in the door frame, attracting a steel armature plate within the door itself. Requiring only a consistent supply of electricity to run, these locks are easy to monitor electronically or combine with other security measures for a truly potent security solution.

A variety of electromagnetic lock solutions from industry leader FSH

iCam carry a huge range of FSH electromagnetic locks (EML) which have been ingeniously designed to compensate for certain types of door or specific locking requirements. No matter what your home or business looks like, an EML from FSH can secure it, serving as the foundation of your home or business security system.

Call iCam Security today to discuss which sort of FSH mag lock is right for your needs, along with other potential solutions we can offer. You can reach our offices on 1300 004 226.