Home Security Systems vs. Smart Home Systems - Which Is Better?

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Smart Home Systems

Have you ever thought of how life would be if all the devices in your life are connected to everything in your house including lights, doorbells, windows hot water shower and many other appliances?


Well, it’s here now. The smart home system allows all these devices to connect to your devices and also receive commands.


This can only be made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a key component for the smart home systems.


IoT is the concept of connecting any device or appliance, with an off and on switch, to the internet, and even to each other.


This system gives you the ability to control items all over the house.


You are able to open windows and curtains with a push of a button and can even do this with a voice command.   


Home Security Systems


From the name security, the home security systems have one job - to secure all the possible entry points in your home.


These entry points can be the windows, doors and other interior spaces in the house such as the safe.


The only thing that matters when it comes to home security systems is the number of security components that you have all over the house and also remembering to monitor the control panel all the time.


The entry points in the house can be secured by the use of sensors that communicate with the control panel and the security Control Room.


These sensors can be placed on the main doors that will let you in the house.


If a home security was to be breached, they are designed to send a notification to the control panel,  which the owner of the house will be notified that the secured zone has been breached.


Home systems are better in a way that they help you secure the house from unplanned circumstances compared to the home smart systems.


The reasons why security is better compared to the home smart system are:


1. Helps You Secure and Protect Your Family and Properties


While the Smart home systems make your home look classy and can make your home more accessible, the home security system will always make sure that you are protecting your family members and your properties in general from any unforeseen outcomes.


2. Fire Protection


Apart from protecting your family members and properties from burglars, the home security system are also good for fire protection.


The home security system comes with a feature that enables it to detect if there is a fire in the building.




The home security systems and the smart home systems serve different purposes, but both may be beneficial for your home.


When it comes to security, the home security system becomes more important compared to the smart home systems.

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