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Author: Karleen Jentz   Date Posted:12 March 2015 

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2G to 3G Upgrade…Impact to Alarm Users

We all probably know the buzzwords 2G and 3G, even if we don’t really know what it means at any deep technical level.

But these buzzwords are about to take centre stage in the media, and in our lives, with the impending close to the 2G (GSM) network by the end of 2016.  Yes that’s 2016 which is looming faster than you can say ‘what does that mean to me?’.

The once premium 2G phone network which has connected Australian phone calls for more than 20 years has had its day, to be replaced with the newer 3G which provides better bandwidth and speed.

Telstra networks group managing director Mike Wright said ‘the death of the 2G network would affect some phone users, though 2G traffic now makes up less than one per cent of Telstra’s network use.’

Well that might be nice for Telstra to say, but that small percentage of phone users aren’t the only ones to be affected by the change.  It will also have a huge impact to Alarm users whom have GSM (global system for mobile) modules installed into their alarm panels.  99% of these products only currently support 2G so essentially when Telstra stops supporting the 2G SIM Card band, their alarm panels will simply not be on line.

Sure there may be a ‘sunset’ period whilst 2G is phased out, giving alarm users some time to reassess their options, but be sure there will be a lot of alarm users trying to upgrade their systems in readiness, making installation schedules busier and timeframes longer.  In addition, it is predicted that signal strength will decline for a lot of equipment in the field as these changes take hold.

Contact us today to find out your options for your 2G alarm system, and make sure you aren’t left high and dry or lost in the stampede of users trying to fix the issue when the sun goes down on 2G.

And please keep in mind too that network changes are in the hands of cellular providers, not ourselves, so whilst we will do everything we can to ensure continuation of your service, we can only do so much!

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