Benefits of a Security Intercom at Home

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:11 August 2016 

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The Key Benefits of a Security Intercom at Home

Over time, intercoms have crept into day-to-day living for most people. Whether it is an apartment buzzer, a drive-thru window or even in your own home, intercoms provide excellent convenience and security to the world. Security intercoms can become very sophisticated, with CCTV cameras and control panels. However, these become increasingly pricier with the additional gadgetry. For most homes, a simple buzzer intercom system is a perfect addition to your home security. This post will outline some of the key benefits of an at-home security intercom system, from additional security to peace of mind.



The security aspect of intercom systems is arguably its biggest draw. An intercom system is designed to make a connection with you and your home's points of entry, while at the same time providing a barrier for security. Using alerts, cameras and microphones, you are instantly notified of anything going on outside of your door. Better yet, you get to see all of the action, and even interact with, anyone at your door without face-to-face interaction. In situations such as a burglar attempting to force their way in when you answer your door, an intercom system completely removes this threat.


Ease of Use

A security intercom system is a great way to make life at home a little more comfortable. Modern systems are incredibly intuitive and can be used with little guidance. Hardware such as wireless doorbells and intercoms allow you to allow or refuse entry to your home without getting off your couch. Another benefit of going wireless is that you save a little cash on installing the wired hardware, as well as the ugly and annoying cables running around your home.


Keeping an Eye On the Kids

Children can be a handful at the best of times. With a security intercom system, you can keep in contact with your family from afar via intercom. This is particularly useful in bigger houses, as children love to wander. Using intercoms to keep tabs on your kids is easy, and if you opt for a CCTV intercom you can also have a video feed for additional peace of mind. Most modern door buzzing systems will include a CCTV, which you can use to monitor your kids, neighbours or any other suspicious persons or activities.

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