Bringing Awareness to Hikvision Grey Market (Chinese) Firmware/Hardware

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:11 November 2016 

Bringing Awareness to Hikvision Grey Market (Chinese) Firmware/Hardware main image Bringing Awareness to Hikvision Grey Market (Chinese) Firmware/Hardware image

Hikvision is without a doubt the largest, most innovative and best choice when it comes to home security. Their Research and development alone outstrip every other competitor in the market place by a factor of 20. This ensures that Hikvision remain at the forefront of the home security market worldwide.

With that being said, we all love to shop for a bargain, it’s a natural trait we all share! And online is where we find the cheapest deals global.  When shopping for Hikvision CCTV equipment it’s always best to educate yourself with what’s really out there, in the big world wide web.  Remember this quote when you’re deciding to purchase Hikvision “If you pay peanuts you get monkeys!” I’ll explain why.

Hikvision’s market leading equipment can be found from numerous sellers online via eBay, Amazon and many other online market places. Usually you’ll find these merchants selling Hikvision Grey Market IPCam’s & NVR’s that have had their default language changed from Chinese to English, these products are also running Chinese firmware and are MUCH CHEAPER than your Hikvision English version.  They will still do the job of “recording” just when it comes to upgrading or needing maintenance, this is where it faults.

The problems you face with the Grey Market are, Outdated & modified firmware versions, Zero official support, Buggy menus and performance, Non upgradable frimware, No warranty whatsoever (Our range has a 2 year warranty) and Malware or backdoors in equipment.

Another important fact to remember is if you decide to upgrade your Hikvision cameras to the latest firmware online, this will most likely result to you upgrading it to the Chinese firmware. Which is not compatible with your English Hikvision hardware, we’ve had clients doing this and then emailing us saying their NVR is “corrupt” with this image you see here.

Once this happens there is nothing we can do. The NVR needs to be shipped back to the manufacture to be flushed and reset, the repercussion of this is that from this point on you lose all recording of your surveillance area until your NVR is returned which is a timely process or you buy a new one.

If your security really matters, choose genuine Hikvision equipment from a licensed distributor (like us) and rest easy knowing you can upgrade at any time when the firmware is released, if something goes wrong we’re just a call or an email away for support and you also have the peace of mind with your Hikvision equipment having 2-year warranty.

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