Concept Access Control systems for comprehensive security

Author: iCam   Date Posted:29 April 2016 

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A modern access control system such as Concept goes well beyond mere control on the movement of people in and out of the business.  It can be beneficially integrated into an array of HR functions, safety, and health to enhance productivity and efficiency in the organization. The following are some of the functions of a modern day access control system like Concept:-

•    Building security

•    Payroll assistance

•    Lower costs

•    Car park control

•    Go Green


Controlling access to individuals

Before the advent of modern day access control systems, employees, or for that reason entering your business premises had near free access to any part of your business without hindrance.  Today, we do know that this is not a healthy practice, and there must be checks and balances to improve business efficiency. Concept access control system will address this function very effectively, and you can define who has access to which part of the business or its support functions.  For instance, if an in-house gym is open only to a section of your employees, only the designated employees will gain access to the gym.

The concept advantage

By integrating Concept 4000 which is a hardware platform with Insight software suit, what you get is an unparalleled access and security control that is fully integrated. The system is wonderfully powerful both as a modern day access control system with a full range of features and an intruder alarm system designed with state of the art technology, and the two disciplines are integrated seamlessly.  The intruder system from Concept, in fact, is a new benchmark in itself. Several thousand input/outputs, TCP/IP connectivity, powerful macro logic and thousands of areas along with flexible options in reporting make this system truly distinct from the crowd.

Access control

When you view Concept as an access system, it comes loaded with all product functionalities that are expected of a modern day access control system. Several thousand users, lift control, multiple card types, module redundancy to maintain complete functionality even in the face of a total server failure are all loaded into Concept.

Compelling advantages

Concept is a worthy contender in multiple roles as access or intruder only roles and the integration of these applications you get several compelling advantages. In the first place, the cost of installation and maintenance is lower compared to the competition, and it is a more simple and practical system to manage. Further, the equipment cost also pegs lower in comparison.

iCam Security is a licensed provider of the Concept product range, contact us now to find out more.


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