Going Away this Summer?

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:15 December 2015 

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Going Away this Summer? Protect Your Home from Burglars with these Easy Tips

If you’re planning on going away on vacation this summer season, it’s important to keep your home safe and secure. Many burglars deliberately target houses whose residents they believe have gone away, leaving innocent families with the terrible experience of returning home from a dream holiday home to the nightmare of a ransacked house. To ensure your peace of mind, we’ve put together a handy checklist of ways to help protect your home against a break-in, so that you and your family can focus on relaxing and having fun in the sun.

  • Leave a light on. Leaving one or two lights on while you are away is an easy yet effective way to deter burglars, as it gives the impression that there’s someone home. Alternatively, set up a timed auto-switch system that turns lights on and off periodically throughout your trip.
  • Perform a visual sweep before you leave. When you’re about to leave for your holiday, check that all doors and windows are secured and that everything is in place. More importantly, make sure you do a visual sweep around the outside of your home as well, to ensure that there are no open garage doors, gates, or other potential entry points for a thief.
  • Check your security system. Check that your security system is fully functional and turned on, including testing the sound of the alarm and cleaning the lenses of your security cameras. Also make sure that you have security system warning signs displayed to make potential thieves think twice. If you don’t have a security system in your home, get one installed before you go away, as they are by far the most effective way to protect your home from a break-in.
  • Have someone check on it. Arrange for a friend or family member to check on your home a few times while you are away, including bringing in any mail and newspapers which would otherwise signify the absence of tenants.
  • Don’t make it easy for them. Did you know that at least a third of burglaries do not involve forced entry? Leaving spare keys in obvious places such as under the doormat, leaving windows unlatched, or second storey doors and windows unlocked is a recipe for disaster. Don’t make it easy for burglars to break into your home by avoiding these common slip-ups.

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