Hikvision DDNS Changes!

Date Posted:27 January 2017 

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Why the Change?

Due to an extremely high number of HiDDNS-registered devices, the enormous volume of visitations, and the restrictions of the traditional hik-online server architecture, a new and upgraded platform with enhanced capacities was required. Moreover, IPV4 addresses are gradually being exhausted as many ISPs provide virtual IPs to customers, which restrict HiDDNS from being applied in this scenario. In order to keep up with today’s forward moving technology, Hikvision will launch a new extranet access service, to be known as “Hik-Connect.” It is not cloud P2P technology.

What will happen after December 30th 2016 when HiDDNS web portal will terminate?

HiDDNS web portal (www.hik-online.com) is designed for devices  centralised management. After HiDDNS web portal discontinue, customers will not be able to register new accounts on www.hik-online.com, nor will they have the ability to access the Device Status tab or the Device Management tab via registered accounts. However, HiDDNS device functionality will not be affected, and users will continue to be able to register new HiDDNS domain via NVR and access each device via domain URL: www.hik-online.com/domain name or through iVMS-4200/iVMS-4500 client software.

What will happen after February 16th 2017 when HiDDNS service will be shut down?

All existing sites running HiDDNS will continue to work normally and the site will remain accessible via their HiDDNS domain. All new equipment enrolled after 16th February 2017 must use the new Hik-Connect Platform.

When will Hik-connect be live?

Hik-Connect will live by the end of January.

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