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Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:6 July 2016 

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Advantages of Integriti Inner Range Access Control in Australia

With the physical as well as the digital world facing a wide range of security of personnel, property and data have acquired the greatest importance and even small lapses can potentially cause extensive damages. Integriti is crafted to suit small sites and large global organisations alike. Furthermore, to make it affordable to everyone, the flexible and modular design allows the user to access only what is needed for the present and scale up as the needs grow. This is a networked solution that is IP-based, and therefore one can comfortably use existing or new I.T. infrastructure for seamless connectivity.

Simple but powerful 

Integriti is powerful and yet intuitive, with a programming for cardholder permission. The administration gets significantly simplified by the ‘Deny’ and ‘Allow’ functions. Operator training and other associated tasks can be achieved at minimal cost. Operator actions can also be run through an elaborate forensic audit, and programming can be changed or restored to a historic point chosen by the user.

Rich suite of applications

Integriti comes with a suite of feature-rich tools like powerful reporting, graphic maps, alarm management, card printing, communication via pager/SMS/email, access control based on compliance, and more. Mobile apps are also available for Android and Apple for remote control and monitoring.

Tracking cardholder activity and location

With the integrity system, you can track the activity of the card holder and share them with the building management for effective control of lighting and air-conditioning systems reducing energy costs incurred on these systems. As you can notice, this is a recurring saving month after month.

Wider choice of access control peripherals

Integriti also supports a wide range of peripherals like readers, cards, detectors, locks and other devices. This gives you great leverage in choosing exactly what you need without being dictated by brands. 

Choosing a security company

iCam Security is a licensed provider and installer of both the Concept and Integriti families of the Inner Range products in addition to our other brands.

Cost factor

When you are considering the cost of Integriti, you should also know that there are no annual licensing fees, maintenance agreements or other add-on charges that are payable across the life of the system. When price comparison factors in the total cost incurred over the life of the system, you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable Integriti is.

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Inner range access control

18 July 2016
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