Is Your Lounge Room Streaming Over the Internet?

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:11 December 2014 

Is Your Lounge Room Streaming Over the Internet? main image Is Your Lounge Room Streaming Over the Internet? image
Is Your Lounge Room Streaming Over the Internet?

To most of us, the thought of private photographs or footage suddenly appearing across the internet, is one of the most horrifying things that could happen   At the same time, most of think ‘that will never happen to me’.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it just could and far easier than you might think.

A recent news article by the ABC, investigates a website called which streams footage from homes and businesses all around the world over the internet – over 70,000 feeds in fact!  And yes, homes and businesses from Australia are included.  Why anyone would want to stream hours of mostly unremarkable security footage on a website is a mystery, but the real issue is that it appears the owners of the footage aren’t aware that their camera footage is open for all and sundry to see! 

It seems that the security footage is accessible because default passwords have not been changed on IP cameras (according to Insecam).

Internet protocol cameras, or IP cameras, are digital security cameras which unlike analogue closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network.

It is believed the cameras available to view on the Insecam site are accessible because their owners have not changed the default password on their devices.  Sounds like a simple mistake, but unless you are a security camera expert, one fairly easy to make.

We don’t mean to sound negative about IP cameras because of this, in fact these are certainly phasing out the old analogue systems at a fast rate, and we sell and support a wide range of great IP systems.

All we can say is, be careful who you use to install your security systems and make sure you are fully informed of any potential privacy breach.  This is not the only trap involved for the unwary, either with setting up these systems.  IP security system set ups can be complex, and requires someone with the proper know-how to ensure the solution and set up is correct for your situation…oh and of course paramount is making sure your privacy is protected.  We’d hate to see your horrified face when you find out your lounge room is happily on view to the entire internet world!




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