Is Your Property Secure This Xmas?

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:5 November 2014 

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Is Your Home Secure This Xmas?

There’s a lot of scaremongering about crime and break ins in the news, we know.  However, the reality of life is that break ins do occur, and are rising, and yes possibly right next door to you!  In fact, some estimates are that one in four households in Australia have experienced a break-in.

Here in Queensland, the numbers are certainly rising, which definitely causes worry to homeowners with the coming Christmas holiday period.

According to an RACQ report (Aug 2014) their research showed “more than half of the state's householders (55%) are so concerned about burglaries, they're worried about taking holidays and leaving their homes unattended." These are the ways burglars are getting into our homes:

  • Window forced open: 40%
  • Door forced open: 38%
  • Open/unlocked doors: 16%
  • Open/unlocked window: 6%

So a massive 78% of burglaries are via forced entry into a locked up house!  Whilst you may think you are doing the right thing ensuring there are adequate locks on doors and windows, it’s obviously not enough to deter experienced thiefs.

Most insurance companies advise their clients that the most effective way to deter burglars is via monitored security alarms, though any form of security alarm will deter burglars, and see them looking for easier targets.  Even dummy CCTV cameras (which look like the real thing) placed in a prominent position are better than nothing.

Data shows the top 10 suburbs for burglaries in the quarter from July to October are as follows:

  1. Inala 89
  2. Eight Mile Plains 46
  3. Sunnybank 45
  4. Brisbane City 42
  5. Aspley 37
  6. Sunnybank Hills 35
  7. Forest Lake 33
  8. Runcorn 32
  9. Bracken Ridge 31
  10. Fortitude Valley 30

Whilst some of these, including inner city suburbs may be expected to be on the list, others may surprise you.  Particularly when you look at the top five suburbs on the north and south sides (excluding the inner city and Fortitude Valley), you may be surprised to see your home suburb appear, and not with just one or two break-ins either!  These are as follows:


  • Aspley 37
  • Bracken Ridge 31
  • Chermside 29
  • Windsor 26
  • Toowong 20


  • Inala 89
  • Sunnybank  45
  • Sunnybank Hills  35
  • Forest Lake  33
  • Runcorn  32

Check out our product range online for a security solution that will suit your home, see our Specials for dummy CCTV cameras, or contact us with your enquiry.  We wish you a safe and secure christmas period!






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