Proctecting Yourself from Smash and Grab Burglary

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:21 May 2017 

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How to Protect Yourself from Smash and Grab Burglary

The struggle of homeowners to protect their family and property from criminals has been ongoing for generations. Over time, the security measures available to help protect private residences and businesses has become more and more sophisticated. The popular narrative is that robbers and burglars are running the other side of this arms race, finding tools and techniques to try and sneak in past security gates and electronic locks to plunder your valuables undetected. Unfortunately, the reality is that vandals, thieves and other criminals do not play fair when they attack your house.

Recently the media has covered more and more stories of burglaries which do not resemble the traditional idea of “thieves in the night”. Gangs or individuals invading homes by force, in broad daylight or even while the residents are home, taking whatever seems immediately valuable and leaving with haste are finding a regrettable level of success and forcing homeowners to revaluate their idea of home security.


Blatant and fearless burglaries need their own solution

A lot of emphasis is placed on keeping crooks out of your home, but law enforcement and criminology experts have repeatedly mentioned most burglaries are crimes of opportunity, when a perpetrator happens upon the home in a time it is vulnerable and strikes immediately. What good are locks when the criminals walk in while you’re home and it’s unlocked? How does an alarm help you if the burglars have a car waiting outside and will be gone again, with your property, minutes before police can arrive?

No responsible or informed person will advise you to challenge criminals who may force their way into your home; trying to prevent them entering or leaving is not worth your personal risk. Instead, iCam Security recommend focusing your efforts on trying to gather evidence on your attackers, to help the police find them and recover your goods.


Security cameras offer the best deterrent and best insurance

Whether you’re protecting a home or a business, the intangible presence of surveillance cameras offer the most effective defense against trespassers and criminals. So long as they are installed somewhere secure and difficult to access, the understanding that a camera is filming their movements can be enough to convince criminals to move on – the opportunity they came for no longer feels as sweet if they will be tracked down and arrested later. The powerful security devices sold by iCam can provide home- and business-owners with footage of intruders faces, clothing, and license plates, as well as a clearer record of what was stolen. You may not be able to always stop a determined burglar breaking in, but discouraging them can be just as good.

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