Protecting Your Small Business from Burglars

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:25 May 2017 

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How to Protect Your Small Business from Burglars

Small business owners and their staff are some of the most common targets for burglary. Criminals understand the reliable take they stand to gain by hitting these premises, and business hours make it easy to predict when the property will be empty to break into. It is difficult to know, as a business owner, how to best approach this problem; both physical fortification and remote or automatic surveillance leave something to be desired, and for most small businesses having round-the-clock live security personnel is simply not an option for financial reasons. There are some security measures which offer better returns than others, however; the Australian security experts at iCam Security have compiled this guide to picking them out:


Security Lighting

As the most fundamental deterrent, having motion-detected lighting systems can discourage a surprisingly large number of potential intruders at a very minimal cost. Burglary statistics show that an overwhelming number of crimes are carried out between 8pm and 3am, where crooks feel more safe under the cover of darkness. By making their activity obvious, and threatening them with the presence of security footage (whether you actually have cameras rolling or not) you make your business a far less attractive target.


Motion Detection Cameras

The next step up from the bare bones of security lighting is to actually include a security camera system at your store. As with the lighting, iCam recommends installing cameras both inside and outside the business. Motion detection cameras are essential to avoid overheads and junk footage as much as possible. Try to install them near entrances or guaranteed points of movement, and angle the lens to catch facial images where possible.

The best tech in this category are internet-enabled camera systems, which allow you to monitor the footage, live or recorded, from a web login or smartphone app. With this level of protection you will be notified if the cameras detect motion and be able to immediately evaluate the situation for yourself, before deciding whether or not to call police. Those employing this option will need to make sure their equipment is well tuned so false positives don’t disturb their sleep!


Centralised Systems

The next step up from web-accessible motion cameras is to add environmental sensors and have a response team primed to react to any alerts. This option is significantly more expensive, but relieves much of the responsibility for the business owner to monitor and respond to alerts from their security. One advantage of these services is that they can often pick up non-criminal threats such as night-time fires or flooding, offering an extra layer of insurance for your store.

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