Security Solutions from MOBOTIX: Make the Best of Heat Mapping

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MOBOTIX is a force to be reckoned with in the world of contemporary security solutions. Their cameras are some of the best on the market due to both the quality and functionality of this magnificent hardware. The company never ceases to work on their products, which evolve to become more efficient and increase your security with their improvements. Their latest developments in the area of heat mapping, in particular, prove that MOBOTIX CCTV systems are the ones you need if you want to get top-quality security surveillance.

MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q25: 360° of Security

Of all MOBOTIX cameras, the Q25 stands out as an all-in-one solution for wide-area security. It’s perfect for outdoors, as well as large indoor environments. With this device, you only need a single camera to keep an eye on the whole area as it has a 360° panoramic view.

This is a cost-efficient solution that can be used for access control, as it’s equipped with the MOBOTIX top-notch MxActivitySensor. This particular feature is what makes the products of this manufacturer so special, as its advanced tech ensures maximum efficiency. In simple terms, with this sensor, you can be sure that the camera will react exactly when it should and won’t be wasting resources on insignificant matters, such as windblown leaves.

Heat Mapping with MOBOTIX Thermal Tech

The reason why MOBOTIX has retained its leading position on the market for quite a while is that this company can combine different technologies in the most efficient manner. In this particular case, we want to highlight their optical and thermal sensors that allow for perfect heat mapping. It’s essential for providing the highest degree of security as well as preventing fires.

With the latest MOBOTIX thermal cameras upgraded software, you can detect even such a meager source of potential danger as a cigarette. The system allows measuring temperatures within the range of -40C to +550C, with an accuracy margin of +/- 10C.

What is best about MOBOTIX is that you only need a single camera with the thermal tech feature to monitor huge spaces, either indoors or outdoors. Their signature MxActivitySensor operates perfectly covering huge areas, and the 360° lens of the specialised models allows you to capture the view of the place from any angle. With no blind spots and top-quality heat monitoring, your security level would be as high as it can be in today’s world.

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