The Common Residential Security Flaws

Date Posted:9 March 2016 

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It is too late to think about residential security flaws after the break–in. People commit some common mistakes when it comes to home security and later repent it. A break–in and the damages caused by the intruder can make the homeowner distressed. To avoid any such thing happening, avoid the following flaws in your home security.

Not Installing Alarms

Many break-ins happen in homes not installed with any theft alarms. When an intruder tries to enter the home by breaking the window glasses or door, an alarm installed would prevent them from entering the home or will restrict the time they spent on your property. This will help to reduce the chance of losing costly or precious items from your home and also reduce the damage caused to the property.

Not Using Security Safe to Keep Important Items

Most of the time the people living in the house are giving an invitation to the thieves by providing easy access to the valuable items in home like: money, jewellery, laptops, iPhones, car keys, etc. It is necessary to keep such valuable items from the sight of strangers. You should have some security safe to keep these valuable items when you are going out of your home. When you are losing items like iPhones and laptops you are also losing many valuable data, contacts and important personal details.

Not Ensuring that CCTV is Working

Most of the homeowners install alarms and CCTV for surveillance of their premises, but do not maintain or service these security products regularly or ensure that they are in working condition and are taping the visuals.  It is must for homeowners to regularly check the alarms and set it properly and to check the CCTV, especially, if they are going for a holiday.

Making Keys Accessible

In order to get the insurance claim after a theft in your home, you should have installed the deadlock doors and windows in your home. Many people install these locks, but forget to keep the keys for the same in a safe place and out of reach of intruders. Installing these deadlocks makes it difficult for intruders get access to your home and to leave your premise with the stolen items. Do not leave the key on the locks or keep it in easily visible places. Any person entering your home can easily open the doors and windows using this key and will be easily able to take your possessions out of your home.

To avoid the chances of burglary in your home, make sure that you don’t make these flaws. 

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