New Hikvision Blazer Express NVR and ANPR Bullet Cameras

Date Posted:14 March 2017 

New Hikvision Blazer Express NVR and ANPR Bullet Cameras main image New Hikvision Blazer Express NVR and ANPR Bullet Cameras image

Hikvision continues to surprise all its fans with new, advanced, security hardware. The company has been in business for 16 years and during this time it has grown tremendously. The high quality of their security systems brought them clients from all over the world and today you can buy the latest Hikvision solutions directly from iCam Security.

Their latest developments are a top-notch video management station and some excellent ANPR cameras.

Blazer Express NVR 16/32 + iVMS Software

The Blazer Express is a system you can rely on. It has a highly functional intelligent OS with iVMS software. This device can handle the security of various facilities, ranging from small shops to large complexes.

Some of its outstanding features include:

  • POS overlay support
  • High-speed SSD
  • Advanced alarm management
  • ANPR feature (black list and VIP vehicles identification)
  • PoE support
  • Heat mapping
  • People counting

The video management system of Blazer Express is highly efficient and allows you full control and convenience of use. You can search video footage of the system in many different ways, so finding exactly what you need will not be an issue.

There is even a built-in System Health-Check feature that will keep track of the system’s condition and alert you to any problems. The Blazer Express client allows you to access it from anywhere, including mobile devices.

The best thing about the Blazer Express is that its interface is so simple anyone can use it. Even if you aren’t a particularly tech-savvy individual, you’ll be able to master this system fast and use it most efficiently by adjusting the custom settings.

New Hikvision ANPR Cameras: Top-Quality and High Functionality


This smart ANPR camera features a motorised lens with smart focus and can perform extremely well even in low-light environments. The frame rate it offers is up to 60fps, which is sufficient to provide a high level of surveillance security. The camera also has 6 visible EXIR LEDs, 128GB storage, audio alarm, and a variety of other helpful features that make it one of the best choices for those who seek to ensure their security.


This new model from Hikvision can produce Full HD videos (1080p) but it only offers up to 30fps. There are four built-in IR LEDs, an audio alarm, 3D DNR, and a few more great features that make this camera a wise choice for surveillance.

You can buy all the best Hikvision cameras and have these top-quality security surveillance systems installed on your property fast with the help of iCam Security. Contact us anytime to get a quote or book an appointment.

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