When Should You Change Your Door Locks?

Author: iCam Security   Date Posted:7 October 2016 

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Home security usually starts at the front door, so it is important that you can trust that you are protected by it. Your doors and locks are the most straightforward security device for home security, creating a physical barrier for people without the right key. Your keys will let you into your house no problem and locking your doors will deter the majority of criminals and unwanted visitors.

In some cases, though, locking up is not enough. It is estimated that around 1 in 20 break-ins at home are committed by someone with a key to your house. This raises the important question of when you should change your locks. This guide will look through the most crucial times to get a locksmith out to change your door locks.


Moving Home

When you move, it is important that you secure your new abode to the right standards. Whether you are renting or buying the property, it is essential that you make sure the locks have been changed. For renters, be sure to ask the landlords if they have changed the locks to the doors since the old tenants have moved. If you intend to change them yourself for peace of mind, be sure to get permission and provide a new key for your landlord.


A Change in Relationship

It is a common occurrence, but breaking up or ending a relationship with someone that you have lived with is rarely easy. Sometimes it can end poorly, so it is recommended that you change the locks once you have ended the relationship and your ex has moved out. That way, you are safe in the knowledge that no other party can enter your home. This is not just for ex-partners, though. If you have a falling out with friends or family, it may be wise to change your locks.


Lost or Stolen Keys

In the event that you misplace your keys - or worse, they get stolen - then it is paramount that you change your locks. It is crucial to let as little time pass as possible, in case anyone tries to gain entry to your home. As a solid piece of advice, never include a key fob with your home address on your keys, this could literally be an invitation for a would-be burglar.

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