PTZ Cameras and Their Functions

Date Posted:20 June 2019 

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PTZ cameras are a versatile camera with a diverse array of functions.


PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom, and as the name suggests, the camera has the ability to rotate horizontally and vertically, as well as zoom.


PTZ cameras have become increasingly popular for commercial applications, particularly for large sites that may have a compound, such as car yards or timber yards.


This is primarily due to their unique functions that are unlike that of any other type of camera currently on the market.


Large Monitoring Area


With a normal fixed camera, these cameras are limited to the view the area the camera was initially installed in.


Hence, if the captured field of view for the camera needs to be changed, the camera itself must be physically altered.   


Due to extensive pan and tilt capabilities, these cameras can cover a much larger area than the traditional fixed camera and can be controlled remotely to monitor entirely different areas.


This enables the user to monitor very large areas that a fixed camera cannot, such as parking lots, warehouses, concert halls, stadiums, and museums.


Although flexibility is one of the most notable features of the PTZ camera, it can also be a disadvantage.


This is because the camera is unable to provide footage for an area it is not specifically looking at.


For instance, if the camera is surveying a particular area, and an incident occurs somewhere outside of this location, the camera will have no footage of this event.


The best application of PTZ cameras is typically when they are used in conjunction with fixed cameras.


Fixed cameras provide the user with a general overview of the property.


The PTZ cameras complement this overview, as it gives the user the ability to control the view on specific items or incidents of interest.


For example, if the cameras were monitoring a parking lot and a car collision were to occur, this would still be picked up by the fixed cameras, even if the PTZ camera were surveying a different location.


Then, the PTZ camera can be used to determine the finer details of the incident, such as vehicle number plates and faces.


Advanced Zoom Abilities


As mentioned, PTZ cameras are capable of inspecting the finer and more important details in footage.


These cameras achieve this through a combination of optical and digital zoom, which allow the user to zoom in and out of live footage while minimising the distortion of image quality.


Users can do this by a variety of means, including desktop software, web browsers, and even mobile applications.


Tour Mode


An exclusive feature of PTZ cameras is Tour Mode.


When enabled, the user can create a fully customisable predetermined pattern that dictates where the camera will monitor, and for how long.


For instance, the user may program the camera to survey one particular area for thirty seconds, then pan 90˚ for the following thirty seconds, and continuously repeat this cycle.


Auto Tracking


Another function of PTZ cameras is auto tracking.


With auto tracking, when the camera detects movement, it will automatically lock onto the point of interest and track it.


To do so, the camera uses a combination of panning, tilting and zooming features to follow the object as it moves.  


Not only does this save you time by manually having to operate the PTZ camera, but provides you with video evidence in legal scenarios.


Alarm Trigger


In the situation that an alarm is triggered, whether it is a PIR or reed switch, a PTZ camera can move from its original view and move to focus on the location of the alarm.


IR Capabilities


When you need to provide surveillance for areas with poor lighting conditions, particularly at night, IR becomes a vital part of providing usable footage.


Most of the latest PTZ cameras are equipped with IR lenses that automatically activate when illumination drops below a particular lux.


These advanced IR lenses are capable of capturing high-quality images, even in total darkness.


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