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Access control systems When it comes to a busy office environment, it can be all too easy for someone not affiliated with the company to slip in unnoticed. For businesses who deal with confidential information ensuring the building remains secure at all times is essential.

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When it comes to a busy office environment, it can be all too easy for someone not affiliated with the company to slip in unnoticed. For businesses who deal with confidential information and data, ensuring the building remains secure at all times is essential. Luckily, there is a way to reduce the likelihood of theft in your workplace and monitor who enters and exits your building with one convenient system.

Whether they are biometric readers that allow entry via a finger scanner or simple access control, which requires the use of access cards, remotes or key fobs, you will find the ideal solution here on our site. As experts in the industry for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on ensuring optimal security for each and every one of our clients.

What are they suitable for?

Card, remote and fingerprint entry is ideal for a wide range of situations, including:

  • Restricted areas within buildings
  • Offices
  • Supply areas
  • Car parks

Biometric readers and access options available

Our team offers reliable solutions from all of the trusted names, including Fargo, HID, Concept and Integriti access control. No matter what level of security you require, we can provide a solution to suit – at a price that is affordable. Our experienced team can provide access control installation throughout Brisbane, Sydney, Mackay and Melbourne. If you live close to these areas contact us to see if we can help you.

Low level

For those looking for a low level of security, a mechanical digital lock may be all you require. These open once the correct code has been entered using the keypad provided. These are ideal for areas where no power is available, as this does not require the aid of electricity or batteries. Should the code be compromised, the customer also has the ability to change it. These solutions are available in brass and stainless steel. There are also some types that come in vandal resistant or heavy usage designs.

Medium level

The next step up is the electronic digital keypad. Unlike the low level option, this solution enables up to 10 different user codes for greater security. Packed with convenient features such as an illuminated keys, which are ideal for areas that are often dark, this is a perfect product for a wide range of commercial buildings. Its clever design means it can be integrated with car park barriers, phones systems and even the fire alarm, which will automatically unlock doors in the case of a fire.

High level

For those looking for high level security, swipe cards will provide a higher level security than a pass code that may be given to other parties. Two options are available with card entry: standalone version or online options. The standalone system will provide access to one entrance, however additional units can be added to other entrances as required. iCam security can provide customers with a standalone access control solution that will enable entry to users once their proximity card is held close to the unit or a 4 digit code is entered. For higher security you can request that both the code and card be provided before access is granted.

For maximum security, ask about our biometric readers that require a fingerprint to enable entry.


Turnstiles are an ideal addition to areas that often experience high volumes of traffic every day. As the system provides quick access to main areas, it prevents hold ups or bottlenecks during peak operating times. As this works the same as a card system, it provides a record of who is in the building at any given time. This feature is particularly helpful in instances of an emergency evacuation, as the access control system will be able to provide a roll call of who was in the building.

Our range of access control systems and products

Inner Range Concept serving as a sophisticated intruder alarm system, or a state of the art access control solution, this product offers seamless integration between both of these features.

Inner Range Integriti this innovative technology platform offers a flexible modular design which is perfect for both small sites, through to large institutes.

HID access cards and tokens – manage your access points with a specific access card and integrated reader.

Fargo Printers – these superior ID card printers are used for a variety of applications, including student and employee ID’s.

Door control solutions

Strike locks – a popular component within many electromechanically door systems, due to their unrivalled durability and reliability.

Mortice locks – requiring a pocket to be cut into the doorframe, this highly durable product is ideal for heavy duty applications.

Maglocks – an ideal locking mechanism for high traffic environments, these door locks utilise a low-voltage electromagnet.

Trusted names for the best results

Here at iCam Security, we know how important reliable and innovative solutions are when it comes securing your premises. From readers and cards from Fargo and HID, to quality terminals from Integriti and Concept, we have everything you need to secure your building and restrict entry when required. To ensure peace of mind for customers, we choose brands with a wealth of experience in developing cutting edge solutions at an affordable price.

Other additions

For the ultimate protection, combine your biometric readers or access control installation with reliable security alarms and CCTV installation. As well as card entry, customers can also take advantage of intercom systems which allow you to see or speak to the person waiting at the entrance point.

Catering to Brisbane and other major cities

For more information on Fargo, HID or Fargo access control please browse our website for further information on individual products. We are also available to respond to your enquiries, whether regarding our intercom systems, or other integrated products. Please give our experienced team a call on 1300 004 226, to discuss your needs in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.