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Protecting Your Small Business from Burglars

By on 25 May 2017 click here to comment

How to Protect Your Small Business from Burglars Small business owners and their staff are some of the most common targets for burglary. Criminals understand the reliable take they stand to gain by hitting these premises, and business hours make it easy to predict when the property will be empty to break into. It is difficult to know, as a business owner, how to best approach this problem; both physical fortification and remote or automatic surveillance leave something to be desired, and for most small businesses having round-the-clock live security personnel is simply not an option for financial reasons. There are some security measures which offer better returns than others, however; the Australian security experts at iCam Security have compiled this guide to picking them out: Security Lighting As the most fundamental deterrent, having motion-detected lighting systems can discourage a s... continue reading

Proctecting Yourself from Smash and Grab Burglary

By on 21 May 2017 click here to comment

How to Protect Yourself from Smash and Grab Burglary The struggle of homeowners to protect their family and property from criminals has been ongoing for generations. Over time, the security measures available to help protect private residences and businesses has become more and more sophisticated. The popular narrative is that robbers and burglars are running the other side of this arms race, finding tools and techniques to try and sneak in past security gates and electronic locks to plunder your valuables undetected. Unfortunately, the reality is that vandals, thieves and other criminals do not play fair when they attack your house. Recently the media has covered more and more stories of burglaries which do not resemble the traditional idea of “thieves in the night”. Gangs or individuals invading homes by force, in broad daylight or even while the residents are home, taking whatever seems immediately valuable and leaving with hast... continue reading

2016 Top Suburbs for Break-ins

By on 28 March 2017 click here to comment

Pine Rivers suburb ranks high in list of theft hotspots Reshni Ratnam, Pine Rive... continue reading

Welcoming New Hikvision Products: Blazer Express NVR and ANPR Bullet Cameras

By on 14 March 2017 click here to comment

Hikvision continues to surprise all its fans with new, advanced, security hardware. The company has been in business for 16 years and during this time it has grown tremendously. The high quality of their security systems brought them clients from all over the world and today you can buy the latest Hikvision solutions directly from iCam Security . Their latest developments are a top-notch video management station and some excellent ANPR cameras. Blazer Express NVR 16/32 + iVMS Software The Blazer Express is a system you can rely on. It has a highly functional intelligent OS with iVMS software. This device can handle the security of various facilities, ranging from small shops to large complexes. Some of its outstanding features include: POS overlay support High-speed SSD Advanced alarm management ANPR feature (black list and VIP veh... continue reading

Security Solutions from MOBOTIX: Make the Best of Heat Mapping

By on 14 March 2017 click here to comment

MOBOTIX is a force to be reckoned with in the world of contemporary security solutions. Their cameras are some of the best on the market due to both the quality and functionality of this magnificent hardware. The company never ceases to work on their products, which evolve to become more efficient and increase your security with their improvements. Their latest developments in the area of heat mapping, in particular, prove that MOBOTIX CCTV systems are the ones you need if you want to get top-quality security surveillance. MOBOTIX Hemispheric Q25: 360° of Security Of all MOBOTIX cameras, the Q25 stands out as an all-in-one solution for wide-area security. It’s perfect for outdoors, as well as large indoor environments. With this device, you only need a single camera to keep an eye on the whole area as it has a 360° panoramic view. This is a cost-efficient solution that can be used for access control, as it’s equipped with the MOBOTIX to... continue reading

Hikvision DDNS Changes!

By on 27 January 2017 click here to comment

Why the Change? Due to an extremely high number of HiDDNS-registered devices, the enormous volume of visitations, and the restrictions of the traditional hik-online server architecture, a new and upgraded platform with enhanced capacities was required. Moreover, IPV4 addresses are gradually being exhausted as many ISPs provide virtual IPs to customers, which restrict HiDDNS from being applied in this scenario. In order to keep up with today’s forward moving technology, Hikvision will launch a new extranet access service, to be known as “Hik-Connect.” It is not cloud P2P technology. What will happen after December 30th 2016 when HiDDNS web portal will terminate? HiDDNS web portal ( www.hik-online.com ) is designed for devices centralised management. After HiDDNS web p... continue reading

Sliding Glass Door Security Concerns and How to Fix Them

By on 13 January 2017 click here to comment

Ensuring that your home is secure is paramount to keeping you and your loved one’s safe. Many homes are susceptible to break-ins as a result of their entry points. One particularly vulnerable addition to the home is a sliding glass door. Would-be burglars tend to target these doors for a few very good reasons. For one, a great deal of people that have sliding doors have a bad habit of leaving them unlocked, making life a lot easier for the thief. This post will delve into some of the other flaws that a sliding door can bring you, as well as some solutions to help secure your home. Simple Locks Even if you are persistent about keeping your sliding door locked, there is no guarantee that it will keep a burglar out. A standard lock on a sliding door is pretty standard, and is more akin to a latch than a lock. As a result, with a little bit of effort the door can be unlocked by any criminal looking to get in. There are a nu... continue reading

How To Keep Your Shed Secure

By on 1 December 2016 click here to comment

The humble shed is often forgotten about when it comes to home security. However, there is usually a lot of valuable property that you would hate to see go missing should you ever fall prey to a burglary. Things such as bicycles, power tools or even a car can all lay dormant in a shed, unprotected and waiting to be stolen. So, even if your shed is entirely separate from your home, give it the same security. This post will offer up some insights into the best ways to keep your shed - and its contents - safe and secure. Assess Your Shed for Vulnerabilities Sheds and garages are often exposed to all the elements, and are rarely maintained. As a result, it is common to find areas of rot, damaged planks or even holes. These issues are the perfect entry point for a burglar, so it is vital to fix them. The best course of action here is to look over your shed, scouting for any issues. If you find anything, then... continue reading

Bringing Awareness to Hikvision Grey Market (Chinese) Firmware/Hardware

By on 11 November 2016 click here to comment

Hikvision is without a doubt the largest, most innovative and best choice when it comes to home security. Their Research and development alone outstrip every other competitor in the market place by a factor of 20. This ensures that Hikvision remain at the forefront of the home security market worldwide. With that being said, we all love to shop for a bargain, it’s a natural trait we all share! And online is where we find the cheapest deals global. When shopping for Hikvision CCTV equipment it’s always best to educate yourself with what’s really out there, in the big world wide web. Remember this quote when you’re deciding to purchase Hikvision “If you pay peanuts you get monkeys!” I’ll explain why. Hikvision’s market leading equipment can be found from numerous sellers online via eBay, Amazon and many other online market places. Usually you’ll find these merchants selling Hikvision Grey Market IPCam’s & NVR’s that have had their default langu... continue reading

When Should You Change Your Door Locks?

By on 7 October 2016 click here to comment

Home security usually starts at the front door, so it is important that you can trust that you are protected by it. Your doors and locks are the most straightforward security device for home security, creating a physical barrier for people without the right key. Your keys will let you into your house no problem and locking your doors will deter the majority of criminals and unwanted visitors. In some cases, though, locking up is not enough. It is estimated that around 1 in 20 break-ins at home are committed by someone with a key to your house. This raises the important question of when you should change your locks. This guide will look through the most crucial times to get a locksmith out to change your door locks. Moving Home When you move, it is important that you secure your new abode to the right standards. Whether you are renting or buying the property, it is essential that you make sure the locks have been changed... continue reading

Improving your Home Security

By on 26 August 2016 click here to comment

Top Tips to Improve Home Security Your home is your castle. It is important that you feel safe at home, and that it is well protected. There are a huge variety of security kits available to install around your home, but there are other things that you can do at home to improve your overall security. This guide will offer up some top tips that you can apply to your home and fortify your suburban castle. Install an Alarm System This is one of the most useful forms of home security, and an excellent deterrent for would-be intruders. A home alarm system will be able to alert emergency services and home owners of a potential break-in instantly. Before the alarms go off, though, the very sight of a security alarm system is enough to deter a lot of intruders. By the time the alarm goes off, most burglars will be running off into the distance. Conceal Any Exterior Wirin... continue reading

Benefits of a Security Intercom at Home

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The Key Benefits of a Security Intercom at Home Over time, intercoms have crept into day-to-day living for most people. Whether it is an apartment buzzer, a drive-thru window or even in your own home, intercoms provide excellent convenience and security to the world. Security intercoms can become very sophisticated, with CCTV cameras and control panels. However, these become increasingly pricier with the additional gadgetry. For most homes, a simple buzzer intercom system is a perfect addition to your home security. This post will outline some of the key benefits of an at-home security intercom system, from additional security to peace of mind. Security The security aspect of intercom systems is arguably its biggest draw. An intercom system is designed to make a connection with you and your home's points of entry, while at the same time providing a barrier for security. Using alerts, cameras and... continue reading