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Author: Mike Norton  

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Home and Small Business Alarm Systems

Bosch have removed the Solution 844, Solution 880, Solution 16+, Solution 64 and Solution 144 from their Alarm suit and replaced them with a new family of extremeley versatile and scalable Alarm Panels.

Solution 2000

This alarm system is one of the very basic in the Bosch range and best suits a shed/garage or a small "granny flat" sized apartment/unit. It comes with 2 sensors and can handle one area and up to 8 hardwired zones.  It is a brand new release from Bosch and provides double the capacity to the previous Ultima 844!

The Solution 2000 security system has unsurpassed features combined with superior reliability and performance to provide sophisticated electronic surveillance for your home or business.

Your Bosch Security System provides you with peace of mind. Whether you‘re away or at home, the Solution 2000 can provide additional protection against threats to your life and property. When used with a monitoring service, this Bosch Security panel can provide responsive assistance when you need it most for your family and the assets you have worked hard to own.

Solution 3000 

Recommended to be installed at your home or small business, this is our standard and most popular alarm system. The Kit come standard with three PIR’s, the external and internal siren/strobe plus the code pad and panel. It has the capacity for 16 hardwired zones and 2 areas (double the capacity to the previous Ultima 880), plus it comes with smart phone detection alert feature.

Bosch 880 Alarm System Brisbane

Keeping your home and family safe doesn't need to be complicated. That's why we've made the Ultima security system so easy to use - all it takes is 'one touch'.

You've worked hard for the things you own. Your home is your sanctuary. Ensuring your protection, the Solution 3000 security system provides sophisticated electronic surveillance for your home or business.

Incorporating the very latest in microprocessor technology, the Solution 3000  has unsurpassed features combined with superior reliability and performance.

Solution 6000

If you want a simple home alarm that texts your mobile phone with any alarm alerts, or a more complex business orientated soltution that manages door access control, then this is the panel for you!

The Bosch Solution 6000 is the top of the range security alarm system in the Bosch Security line up. The Solution 6000 supports 256 users, has 16 zones with 144-zone wired or wireless expansion, 8 areas and integrated access control for 16 doors. There’s a selection of attractive and functional readers including weatherproof metal keypads, proximity keypads, fingerprint LAN readers, and internal and external LAN readers. The LAN readers include egress and lock control built-in, making for faster and easier installation. All the readers have lock output and egress input to operate door strikes and egress connections. There are also Ethernet, 3G and Voice modules available.

This alarm panel is so versatile and adaptable, that you really need to review the product matrix to get an overview of the complete package.


This Bosch security and access control system has the alarm features you’ve always loved, with the access control capabilities you’ve always needed.

All this, and it’s cost effective when used in mid-sized installations, yet powerful enough when expanded to handle large numbers of zones, outputs and even up to 16 access doors.

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