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Voice entry phone systems provide a low cost means of security. Choosing a phone system eliminates the chance of opening the door to unknown visitors.

Commercial and Residential Intercom Installation

Voice entry phone systems provide a low cost means of security. Choosing a phone system eliminates the chance of opening the door to unknown visitors. Not only does this offer a way of screening who is attempting to enter your property, but also helps you to avoid any confrontational situations.

iCam Security provides a variety of intercom systems ranging from single button voice solutions to multi-button screen and voice systems. The smaller option is ideal for those looking to add security to the home, while the multi-function option can be paired with swipe card only access, increasing the security of any commercial building.

We install, repair and maintain all makes of intercom entry solutions in Brisbane, Gold coast and surrounding areas as well as Sydney, Melbourne and Mackay. We can also incorporate voice entry phone systems into companies’ phone exchange systems. These systems enable visitor’s calls to be answered by any standard phone within the building.

Intercom Entry System

Each entry phone system has an external visitor call panel/door station. This includes a two-way speech system as well as a button for each phone/apartment.

A video camera can also be incorporated at the door station. This allows you to view who is waiting at the door prior to answering the call. A 4-digit code keypad or swipe system can also be integrated to allow an authorised person entry without the use of a key or disturbing people within the building.

A call button on an external panel is ideal to allow tradesmen entry at various times of the day via an internal time clock. This allows for free access to the building between the hours of 6am-9am for builders, postmen and other tradespeople. Internal handsets can be wall or desk mounted and can also have the ability to be used as an intercom system.

A cost-effective intercom installation in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold coast or Sydney can add security to your property in a quick and efficient manner.

Our product ranges available for installation

AIPHONE – this multinational supplier of communications systems is respected world-over for offering the highest quality intercom products.

Panasonic – this range of wireless video intercom systems allow easy entryway monitoring of both audio and visuals with our handheld monitor.

IIS – obtain clear visualisation of all visitors with the installation of these large, high definition display screens and integrated door phone.

ECA – an innovative intercom system which doubles as an access control solution and can grant access to 1000 different users simply by using their mobile or home phone.

Mobotix – this powerful solution offers two way video from anywhere in the world, a complete view with no blind spots and a sophisticated keyless entry.

Added Security with Remote Lock

All of our intercom systems have the ability to remotely unlock the entrance door. We are able to supply and install an electric lock or lock release to any type of door, this includes, wooden, metal, UPVC, frameless glass doors and electrically operated doors.

Feel free to contact us for an obligate free Security System consultation on 1300 004 226. We are more than happy to offer you advice about which intercom installation might be best for your Brisbane, Gold coast, Sydney, Melbourne location.