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Voice entry phone systems are a low cost but effective security system for your home and commercial premises. By installing these systems, you negate the chances of opening your doors to unknown people.


Residential And Commercial Intercom Systems Installation

Opening your doors when someone knocks whether in a commercial or residential setting can be a potential security threat. However, with a voice entry phone system in place, you reduce the security threat as it allows you to screen the person at the door before opening. Moreover, it also helps you avoid any possible confrontation with the person at the door.


At iCam Security, we offer a wide range of security intercom systems giving you a wide variety of choices. We have stocked single button voice intercom systems as well as multi-function voice systems integrated with advanced features for a more capable intercom system. The simple single button intercom system is the perfect solution for residential premises. On the other hand, the multifunction intercom systems are perfect for commercial premises.


iCam Security has a team of experienced security systems experts adept at installing, maintaining, and repairing all makes and models of security intercom systems. We render our services to Gold Coast, Brisbane, as well as other cities that include Melbourne, Sydney, and Mackay.


For commercial property owners, we can integrate the voice entry system with the phone system through the phone exchange systems. With such integration, when a visitor buzzes to have the door opened for them, individuals within the business premises can answer the call using any regular phone from within the building.


Intercom Entry System

Every intercom system comes with an external door station which has a 2-way speech system. Moreover, the external station has a button for every apartment or phone.


Advanced versions of the intercom system come with a video camera installed at the door station. The video camera provides a live feed of the person at the door, allowing you to view the person or people at the door even before answering the call. Some advanced intercom systems also come with a swipe system or 4-digit keypad that allows authorised individuals to gain entry into the building without having to call anyone.


Having an external call button is an important addition as it allows tradesmen to gain entry into the premises during specific times. For instance, it can be programmed to allow free entry into the premises from 6 am to 10 am for postmen, builders, and other tradesmen you are expecting.


As for the internal handset, they can be wall mounted or desk mounted. The handset can also feature an intercom capability, allowing homeowners to use it as an intercom system.


The Range Of Product Available At iCam Security For Installation

The Panasonic range of intercom systems come with wireless video capability, allowing homeowners to monitor their entryway using audio-visual means on a handheld monitor.


AIPHONE is renowned and respected brand across the world for designing and producing some of the highest-quality intercom devices.


The ECA is an advanced intercom system that is also used as an access control system. It can be programmed to provide access to 1000 different individuals who can use their smartphones or even home phones.


This brand is known for having high-quality audio-visual intercoms. They typically come with an integrated door phone and high definition display screens.


The Mobotix comes with a 2-way video capability that property owners can access remotely from anywhere around the world. The video has no blind spots and the system uses a complex keyless entry system for enhanced security.


Enhance Your Property Security By Including Remote Lock

The range of intercom systems that we sell incorporate the ability to remotely unlock the entrance doors. As such, we can install an electric lock and lock release system whilst installing the intercom system. The electronic lock system can be installed in metal, wooden, frameless glass doors, UPVC, and even electrically operated doors.


If you have any questions regarding this security intercom system, feel free to call us on 1300 004 226. Our expert security team is ready and happy to offer you an obligation-free consultation.