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iCam Security offers both reactive and proactive maintenance services for commercial and residential security systems within the SE QLD Region (Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and some parts of the Sunshine Coast) as well as Mackay, Sydney and Melbourne. Our experienced technicians can repair faults in all sorts of commercial and residential security systems.


When a fault occurs with your security system, we are able to attend to your request quickly and our highly trained technicians are normally able to repair your security system straight away, reducing the amount of time your premises is left unprotected.

Once our technicians have repaired the fault, your security system will receive a full service including testing all equipment to ensure your equipment is in full working order and protecting your home or premises.

Our attendance and service charge during normal working hours is $120 for the first hour then $80 per hour after (inclusive of GST), plus any required parts. This first hour is normally sufficient time to trace and rectify most faults. We will always obtain agreement from you, before carrying out any additional work that would increase the initial attendance charge and we will even inform you of the cost of any required part before we swap it out.

If we are unable to repair your alarm system due to a major fault, we offer you a fifty percent refund of our attendance charge, if the faulty system or component is replaced by us within 28 days of our attendance.

Once your system has been returned to full working order, customers are able to subscribe to our optional Service contract providing peace of mind that the system will be serviced every six months and that any faults will be repaired for the cost of the faulty equipment only. If the faulty item is covered by our Warranty terms then it will be replaced and your system will be back on line free of charge.


Get the most out of your commercial or residential security system by signing up to our Service Contract agreement. With our team of specialist engineers working throughout the SE QLD regions, we can provide your security equipment with a service plan that best suits your needs and requirements. Our Service Contract is setup to ensure your security products are working to their optimum performance.

An annual Service Contract costs $200 + GST per annum and as well as 2 yearly visits to ensure your security system is serviced and protecting your assets, gives you access to the following:

  • Free extensive Customer Support from both our Helpdesk and Service Engineers.
  • Access to our on-line resolution centre via your on-line personal iCam Security account.
  • A VIP discount of 10% for any online item.
  • A free assessment of your commercial or residential security system if required.
  • During work carried out on your site or remotely (for configuration management), the Service Engineer will note down any deficiencies in the system and recommend any work required to maintain, full, trouble free operation.

For a complete breakdown of our contract, download a copy from the following link iCam Security Service Contract

Feel free to ask any questions by dropping us a line or calling 1300 004 226