System Upgrades/Takeovers

Author: Sheldyn Dixon  

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System Upgrades/Takeovers

System Upgrades

Alarm Systems

We are able to upgrade any alarm system, if the alarm has reached the end of its lifespan; or a major fault has occurred and the control equipment requires replacement.

If the existing cable is in good repair then we can reuse it, this will allow an updated alarm system to be installed without major disruption to your home and will operate exactly the same as one of our new alarm systems.

The starting point of an upgrade is a new alarm control panel, which would be installed in direct replacement for the existing control system. Many customers also have their old external sounder replaced with a new illuminated sounder, to ensure that burglars can clearly identify that an alarm is fitted to their home and that the system looks up to date and in working order. Our thinking is that if an external sounder is old, rusty and in poor condition a burglar may think that your home alarm is not operational and your home has no protection.

We will, where possible, reuse all of the old alarm system detection devices to keep the upgrade costs as low as possible. All existing alarm door and movement detectors, if reused, would be fully tested and reconnected to the new control system.

CCTV Systems

If upgrading from an older Analogue CCTV to the newer digital CCTV system, it will normally require all equipment and cabling to be replaced. The older CCTV systems utilise the RG59 and 12V power cabling, whereas the newer Digital systems use a normal computer cable (RJ45). Where cost effective, we can use a Video encoder that does allow the original cable to be used but it is looked at on a case by case basis.

If upgrading an older analogue system to a newer analogue system then we can possibly reuse the existing cable, reducing the associated installation costs.

Intercom Systems

We find a lot of the older Intercom systems out there that need both the outdoor Door Station and the Electronic Strike replacing. The indoor monitors are usually in fairly good working order.

Should the cabling remain intact and pass our technicians inspection, then this can be reused and a direct replacement of each item can be achieved, again keeping the costs down to a minimum.

Take overs

We are able to takeover most makes and models of existing security systems without replacing any of the installed equipment, minimising any costs associated with switching to iCam Security as your security provider. Your existing equipment will be required to be fully tested and inspected by our technicians to ensure it is providing the correct amount of protection to your home or business and that the system is in full working order.

Our attendance and take over inspection fee is $80 inclusive of GST, plus any parts and/or labour that may be required to return the system to full working order.

Service/Maintenance Contract

We recommend customers to subscribe to our optional all inclusive Service Contract once any installation, upgrade or takeover has taken place to ensure that if any piece of equipment fails or has reliability problems after the upgrade the faulty component would be replaced for the cost of the faulty equipment only.

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