Which alarm system is for me?

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Which Alarm for me!?! We provide predominantly 3 types of alarm systems - an overview follows.

We provide predominantly  3 type of system - an overview is as follows:
1 - Bosch Ultima 3000 (good on the pocket) – basic alarm system that includes back to base or domestic dialling (your mobile phone). This system requires a phone line in order to report to your phone but will only call you to notify you of an alert.
2 - Bosch Solution 6000 (popular seller) - the next model up regarding alarms that will enable the alarm to SMS your mobile with alerts and also be configured for back to base monitoring.
The Bosch alarms come with three levels of detectors. We do advocate utilising the QUAD for normal motion detection and the TriTech for Pet Immunity or garages/rugged environments.
3 - Paradox MG5050 (best seller!) – this is our best seller at the moment due to its versatility and good looks. The IP Module allows you to interact and control your alarm, via your mobile phone, from anywhere in the world whilst the touch screen code pad makes it simple to use and good to look at! This can also be configured for back to base or domestic dialling.
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The optional popular additions to alarms are Keyfobs (keychain remotes that allow you to arm and disarm the system), Smoke detectors and extra detectors (there are 2 or 3 detectors in each kit).

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