Are Wireless Alarm Systems Reliable?

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These days, a lot of homes have alarm systems.


However, it’s not uncommon for people to ignore it if their next-door neighbour's alarm goes off.


Alarms can still be a useful deterrent, but if you want true peace of mind then it’s a good idea to invest in a system that can be monitored by a professional Control Room.


Wireless alarms are becoming increasingly common, and since they’re quite affordable and easy to use, it makes sense to install them.


However, some people are concerned about the suitability of these systems, especially for commercial applications.


One of the questions that keep coming up is - Are wireless systems reliable?


The Benefits and Downsides of Wireless Alarms


Modern wireless systems tend to be quite reliable - there are no wires to be cut or disconnected, and this makes them quite robust.


In addition, with a modern wireless system it’s extremely difficult for someone to interrupt the frequency that the systems operate on.


You can monitor them remotely quite easily, making them a very appealing option for home users and for moderate commercial security applications.


However, they aren’t perfect. Sometimes wireless connections can drop out and it can be tricky to diagnose why.


You do need to put consideration into purchasing cheaper wireless systems, as with many things, you get what you pay for. These cheaper wireless systems are often more vulnerable to being hacked than systems of higher quality.


The security of the system depends on what features can be operated online, and how your alarm is configured.


Some alarms are far more secure than others by limiting what can be done remotely.


If all you want from your wireless alarm is a normal alarm that will alert you when the alarm is armed, disarmed, or triggered, then you can enjoy a robust and secure system.

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